Txikito, NYC | About
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Eder Montero and Alexandra Raij are the chefs and owners of Txikito, the acclaimed Basque restaurant in Chelsea.

Txikito is a love letter to a region whose cuisine is distinguished by simplicity and excellence in both ingredients and techniques. It is an unencumbered cuisine, one where humble ingredients like beans and peppers share the same value at the table as aged farmhouse cheeses, pristine fish and seafood, and unique breeds of lamb and cattle.

Similarly, high cuisine and grandmother’s cooking are equally revered, and male cooks have a longstanding place in the traditional kitchen. Txikito aims to capture the many ways that food is enjoyed throughout the Basque country, from its simple bar foods to its more sophisticated signature dishes.

Txikito is the only place in New York City that offers a current expression of this austere but sensual approach to cooking.

A thoughtful Basque wine list served in traditional glassware, the blackboard of seasonal specials using local and green market products to create dishes of Basque inspiration, and a convivial atmosphere with warm, attentive service transport you to this celebrated region for a truly genuine Basque experience.